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Great for Poll and TMJ Problems.

We have 4 available sizes of the fly masks:
 Weanling/Small pony (Great for weaning stress)
 Yearling/Large Pony

Here is a testimony from one of our users (this fly mask uses a combination of Neodymium and ceramic magnets):

Well, took my mare to the chiro/vet/dentist the other day and she was pretty much a mess. However, It was ONLY her poll and neck and we are convinced this goes back to something that may have happened in her younger years.

Well, after talking to a wonderful friend, I learned about a product that may help this poll problem. I ordered it and got it and tried it last night. Within 5 min of having this on, my mare had softened in the face, licking the lips and half asleep! I really think that this is going to help her chronic poll problem and I am VERY excited! Thank you my dear friend for suggesting it to me!

All I can say is this is something I really believe is going to help my mare be more comfortable and stay in longer! YIPPEE....

PS. She also made a heck of a run last night without any head tossing or fits!

MagnaCu fly mask

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